Friday, December 23, 2016

PI Day planning

during our December meeting, which many members did not attend, we discussed pi day. We will be ordering t-shirts so be sure to go to our google classroom and vote for your favorite design. We will start taking orders the week after midterm exams. Every member has a homework assignment. You need to make up 2 questions involving pi and supply the answers. The questions should be from topics in your current math class not something like find the area of a circle with a radius of 2.

We will begin cutting and gluing during our January Meeting. we have thousands of questions to glue to pieces of pie.

I also want to remind everyone that you are supposed to be involved at least 75% of the time if you want to remain a member. There are some seniors that have not attended one meeting this year. I do not call this being involved. So please come talk to me.

Friday, December 16, 2016

We have a meeting Wednesday after school in the library. If you are unable to attend you must talk to Mrs. Taylor.

1. Tutoring grade 3 at the JCS
2. Do we want to order Pi Day T-shirts? Design? Sell them for $10 but only $5 for Mu Alpha Theta Members.
3. Moody's Mega Math Challenge
4. Private tutoring
5. Next meeting is January 25th

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pi Day T-Shirts

any ideas for the design of our pi day t shirts? email designs to mrs taylor. We will vote on the design we want at the next meeting on December 21st

The meetings will now be held in the library instead of room 241