Thursday, September 25, 2014

American Mathematical Society

you should check out this website
full of information for math students

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Agenda For our next meeting

Our next meeting is Wednesday September 24, 2014 in room 241 after school
1) introduce officers for the year
2) $50 activity fee is due now! Please pay by October 10th
3) Fundraising -
        we are collecting empty ink cartridges from computer printers. These can be dropped off with             Mrs. Taylor in the math office or in the main office.
        we have collection boxes in the teachers rooms for bottles and cans(5 cent deposit)
        Need two volunteers to be in charge of these boxes, empty each week and count in Mrs. Taylor's         office.
        Should we can a bottle and can drive on a Saturday in October? Last year we made $62
        The last fundraiser we have is with Mens Wearhouse. $5 for each prom tux. we made $185 last           year. I have already signed us up for this year.
4) SSR tutoring
     This starts next Tuesday. Everyone needs to pick a day.
5) Tapping is Thursday October 30th. volunteers needed. Induction is Thursday November 13th.
6) Check the blog and the edline website for information.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Once again Norton High School is registered with Mens Wearhouse for their prom promotion. Mu Alpha Theta will receive $5 for each tux rented for our prom on May 8, 2015