Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meeting 4-7-09

We discussed an activity to do during April which is math awareness month. You can visit to see more information. We decided to do the Amazing mathematics race.
The Amazing Mathematics Race

Each student that wants to participate will get question #1 from the Math Department page or the Math Honor Society page. Students will do research to find the answer. Once the student has an answer they will find on the faculty list which teacher wants this answer. They go to the teacher with their answer and get the teacher to sign the answer sheet. The teacher will then give them the next question and students will follow the same process. There are a total of 12 questions and the first 10 students to bring Mrs. Taylor all 12 answers signed by the appropriate teacher will win a large goody bag. The next 10 students win a medium size goody bag and the next ten win a small goody bag. This contest ends on April 30th.
Members of Mu alpha Theta need to submit possible questions with answers to Mrs. Taylor ASAP and members are asked to donate something for the goody bags because our club has not done any fundrasing yet.

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