Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next Meeting

I would like to schedule another meeting. We need to discuss ideas for April - National Math awareness month. Which day of the week is best for you. I would like to hear from the members on whether they prefer Wednesday April 1 or Thursday April 2.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Minutes from 3-4-09

Officers for the remainder of the year were chosen. They are listed to the right on this blog site. We discussed raising money to purchase blue and yellow chords for the seniors to wear at graduation. One fundraising option is collecting old ink cartridges. See Mrs. Taylor to get flyers that can be distributed to houses and businesses in Norton. We discussed Pi day (see the blog below this one to share your thoughts) Members were told to check out the Mu Alpha Theta National Website.
There are several scholarships available. Hopefully we will get a page on edline so the minutes from our meetings can be posted there.
We have two teams that will be competing for $20,000 each in scholarship money this coming weekend. Wish them luck.
Senior team-Kelly Allen, Gil O'Neil, Ravi Patel, Tim Mollins
Junior team - Kate Baird, Priya Patel, Carolyn Le, Chad McAuliffe

PI Day

Should we have Pi day? I was thinking that it just isn't the same having it on 3-13 instead of 3-14 and the building will be missing all the department heads and administration that Friday(3/13). What do you think?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pi Day

In order for Pi Day to run smoothly we will need a lot of volunteers. Some people will need to donate a pie while others will need to donate their time to write out math problems and then to hang them up around the school. Volunteers can stay after with me Thursday(3/5), Friday(3/6), or Wednesday(3/11). Then more volunteers will be needed before school Friday (3/13) to hang the math problems around the school. Please comment on this blog with how you will participate in Pi Day festivities. By the way, Mr. Dewar likes blueberry or key lime pie so we need to make sure we have those flavors.