Sunday, March 11, 2018

PI Day

Pi day is coming and so is a snowstorm. If this snow storm is as BIG as being talked about right now - over a foot of snow, and we have two snow days (Tuesday & Wednesday) then we will celebrate Pi Day on Thursday.
Yesterday I picked up a donation of 4 cases of pies from Table talk pies. We have apple, blueberry, lemon and boston creme pie. Boston creme and apple are my favorites.
I also bought 4 ice creme pies but those go quick so get you questions early if you want ice cream pie (oreo cookie and chocolate creme are the flavors)
There will be over 1000 questions hanging in the hallways. find three of your assigned color and answer those questions correctly to earn you pie.

Algebra I - blue (blueberry pie)
Geometry - pink (cherry pie)
Algebra II - red (apple pie)
Concepts in Algebra same as Algebra II
Pre-Calc - yellow (lemon pie)
Calc - light green (key lime pie)
Stats - orange (pumpkin pie)
Advanced math topics - purple (rhubarb pie)
Financial analysis - tan (pecan pie)
project based math same as financial analysis

Enjoy the day everyone

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Log 1 Math Contest

Today we had our first meeting since the honor society inductions. I enjoyed having a full room for this meeting. I have high hopes for a successful year for Mu Alpha Theta. Right now as I am writing this 9 members of Mu Alpha Theta are participating in round 1 of the log 1 math contest. Good luck to them. I hope we have more members participate in the next math contest that comes our way.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the Bottle and Can drive Saturday November 18th. Sign up in google classroom. Thank you to the two members that have signed up already. Don't forget to hand out flyers.

Volunteers are needed to be time keepers during the parent/teacher conferences on November 16th from 6pm until 8pm. See Mrs. Taylor if you want to volunteer. There is one volunteer but 8 more are needed.

Volunteers are also needed to be here on Wednesday November 15th at 6pm for the open house. The open house is for current grade 8 students to come here and see the school and all it has to offer.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Who Wants to be a Mathematician

Who wants to win $5000?  There is a contest titled "Who wants to be a Mathematician. The first two rounds are online and the final round is in San Diego in January. The first round must be done here at school with me on Wednesday September 20th.

Qualifying test: Contestants are chosen based on their scores on qualifying tests. There are two rounds of tests, which will be conducted online  thanks to Maplesoft, the Who Wants to Be a Mathematician technology sponsor. The first round will be Sept. 20th. There will also be a practice test available so you can become accustomed to the test procedure. See Mrs. Taylor for the login to get practice tests.

The test is 10 questions and you have 15 minutes to complete. No calculator is allowed. If you score an 8 or above you move on to the second round.

Let Mrs. Taylor know ASAP if you want to compete.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

new year 2017 2018

Welcome back everyone. Your officers for this year are
President - Stephanie Murphy
Vice President - Brooke Murphy
Secretary - Tara Kiley

I will be meeting with the officers very soon and we will schedule a meeting for everyone. Inductions will be early in November so I imagine we will do tapping at the end of October. Everyone will need to help out that day.

Be sure to check our google classroom regularly

Friday, March 24, 2017

march Meeting

We have a meeting Wednesday March 29th in the library. we will be discussing the following

  • service hours
  • honor cords for graduation
  • officers for next year
  • April - mathematics awareness month
  • bottle and can drive

We will have the amazing mathematics race to celebrate Mathematics awareness month. This years theme is Statistics. we will discussing what to include in the prize bags.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pi-Day T-Shirt

the t-shirt order will be place today (2-14-17) at noon time. Last call for any orders. $5 for Mu Alpha Theta members